A tribute to “Grif”

Grif was our best friend. He was fun and full of personality. He always had something to say. Many days he would hang out in the studio and watch me paint. He was a wonderful companion. When I first worked on the Petcasso sculptures for the Arizona Humane Society he wanted to be in the photo with all the other metal dogs. As a tribute to Grif, I have designed a series of paintings that are animal related. A paw print stamp finishes each piece and revenue from this art is donated to local animal charities.
Grif gave so much of himself everyday. I hope that by continuing his legacy his spirit will live on making a difference in many more lives.

These paintings are available through
Dog Best Friend 0017_5x6

Best Friend
11" x 10"

Game On fix  72

Game On
8" x 14"

Got Bones 72

Got Bones?
10" x 11"

Purr 72

8" x 7"

Purr Power 0018_5x8

Purr Power
8" x 7"

Dog 0016_5x6

8" x 7"