One of my true passions is creating dog art. We are so blessed to have these wonderful animals in our lives. I try to capture individual personality and the fun loving nature of each dog in my paintings. Over the years I have worked and shared my art with the Arizona Humane Society and many other animal rescues. I hope you enjoy my unique perspective of skewed, quirky cubism.

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2005 Home Alone 72

Home Alone
40" x 30"
Giclee Available

2007 Homecoming 72

30" x 15"
AZ Humane Society

2007 It's a wonderful life 72

It's A Wonderful Life
19" x 16"
Giclee Available

2005 Ruffin' It 72

Ruffin" It
36" x 36"
Giclee Available

2006 The King 72

The King
30" x 24"
Giclee Available